Wages in the Sioux Empire are extremely competitive. A young, well-educated, well-trained workforce provides a valuable resource for businesses, giving them a better bang for their buck in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls South Dakota Iowa Minnesota Nebraska North Dakota Wyoming United States
Median Household Income $63,931 $54,467 $56,247 $65,599 $56,927 $60,656 $59,882 $57,617
(Source:, American Community Survey 2016)

Education: The Sioux Falls Advantage

Education is better in Sioux Falls. There are a variety of public and private educational opportunities available in the region, from pre-K through medical and doctoral degrees. Our residents know that educational attainment is important to a bright and productive future, and the number of high school and college graduates in the region reflects that priority.

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South Dakota minimum wage is $8.55.
Sioux Falls Development Foundation reports the Sioux Falls median household income is $58,849.