A conversation with Jill Wadkins, Director of Finance and Accounting

Jill Wadkins, most recently a Senior Financial Analyst for ReliaMax Holding Company, is the new Director of Finance and Accounting for the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.


Wadkins has over 20 years of experience in financial management, along with degrees in both economics and accounting. She has worked extensively with digital accounting system software and budgeting, forecasting and regulatory reporting. Her work at the Development Foundation will include updating the financial reporting process to enable management to more efficiently analyze revenues and expenses, in addition to managing payroll, financial records and budgets.


We spoke to Jill about her career and her goals at the Development Foundation.


Q: What led you to a career in accounting?


A: I have always had a good grasp of numbers and logic. While in college it became apparent to me that accounting is a core part of any business. A company cannot function without an accountant keeping track of the trial balance and balance sheet.

Accountancy isn’t just about numbers. It can employ a wide range of other skills such as communications, teamwork, strategy, leadership and problem solving.


Q: What improvements do you plan to modernize or update the accounting system at SFDF?           


A: I am going to streamline the accounting process by building integrations to minimize data entry. Data will be able to flow more smoothly from different sources. 

I will be working on implementing a document management system to help minimize the paper our office produces. This will also help in the amount of hours the auditors will need at year end and will help with fulfilling information/data requests. I will be setting up workflows in our accounting software so that vendor payments can be approved electronically and also working with banks to setup e-statements and online banking.


Q: What do you like best about your job?


A: I love the challenges that I face daily. I like putting all the information together on a monthly basis to identify historical trends and make projections based on those findings. The data always tells a story. I like to identify areas where we are doing things right and discover potential areas for improvement. I like to put my problem solving skills to work in the process.


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