Xcel Energy certifies four sites in Foundation Park

One of our most valued partners in regional economic development is Xcel Energy. The utility company works with the Development Foundation in planning new sites and parks for development and actively promotes business growth throughout the Sioux Falls metropolitan statistical area.


Xcel offers a Certified Site Program across the eight states of its service area. The program spotlights carefully evaluated, business-ready sites that are equiped to accommodate expanding companies. Working with economic development partners including the Development Foundation, Xcel has developed site options to reduce risk and increase a new or expanding company’s speed to market. The Certified Site Program works with Xcel’s renewable energy portfolio and rebate and incentive options, to create customized energy solutions for regional economic growth.


Xcel has certified four specific sites in Foundation Park, including the 390-acre megasite and three other build-ready parcels. The company has prepared four separate Certified Site brochures, which are available online here or under the publications tab at


“This certification is an important step for Foundation Park and our organization,” said Dean Dziedzic, interim president of the Development Foundation. “Xcel studies sites carefully before certifying them, and U.S. companies know that Xcel certification means they can be up and running faster. Foundation Park will receive even more attention with Xcel Certified Site status.”


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