Interim President's Message: A new year filled with promise and potential

Here in Sioux Falls, we’ve recently experienced a number of record-setting years of growth, with increasing numbers of building permits and capital investment—and 2018 promises to continue that trend.



Economic development announcements are often the culmination of an extended period of planning and negotiation. During the past few years, I’ve been privileged to work with a growing number of new and expanding companies as they plan their futures in the Sioux Falls area—and I think 2018 will see a number of announcements.



Our economy in the year ahead will be strengthened by hundreds of millions of dollars in construction activity begun in 2017. The 15 groundbreaking ceremonies the Development Foundation participated in during the past year illustrate the range of growing industries in the Sioux Falls area, the confidence Sioux Falls business leaders place in our future and the size of construction projects that characterize our growth. Take a look at our annual progress report at to get an overview of those projects, many of which will open for business in 2018.



On another front, we were informed that phase one of Foundation Park received Site Certification by BNSF Railway. From its inception, Foundation Park has been positioned to provide a unique combination of transportation connections to new and expanding companies. Achieving BNSF Site Certification is a vital step in preparing the park for the next phase of development and paving the way for other operations to locate there.



Infrastructure development in Foundation Park will certainly be part of the conversations I have with company executives looking at our community in 2018. But the growth of our economy, the annual increases in our population and the strength of our technology infrastructure—just to name a few of the reasons Sioux Falls is Forbes magazine’s Number One small city for business—also capture the attention of business decision makers. We’re talking with those executives now about land sales and company locations that could be newsmakers in 2018.



I believe the new year is one filled with promise and potential for the continued growth of Sioux Falls. The Development Foundation is excited about the year ahead!



by Dean Dziedzic


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