A conversation with Jennifer Tuttle

In April, Jennifer Tuttle was named Workforce Development Manager for the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. She has been working with a wide variety of community leaders on workforce initiatives since then.


Q:  How did you become interested in workforce development?

Jennifer: As a former Army officer with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, and my work as the Leadership and Management Coordinator at Great Plains Technology Center in Oklahoma, I developed a passion for workforce development.  My position afforded me the opportunity to establish national contacts with some of the best and brightest workforce developers in the nation -- Workforce Development Institute, the National Coalition for Advanced Technology Centers, Oklahoma’s Governor’s Council on Workforce and Economic Development and the National Council on Workforce and Economic Development. My work as Human Relations Specialist for the City of Sioux Falls helped me understand the unique workforce opportunities of our area.


Q:  What workforce programs are you currently working on?

Jennifer: One of the workforce development initiatives we’re currently working on is a geographically targeted employee recruitment effort via social media. Our goal is to promote our community and the employment opportunities available here to people in regions where opportunities are limited or employment growth has been impacted by economic or industrial retrenchment. Another exciting project that will begin in the new year is embarking on Phase 2 of, which will include employer profiles and the opportunities offered by those companies. We will also be working with other Sioux Falls workforce development groups in efforts to promote the employment of workers from diverse populations such as veterans, youth, immigrants and retired individuals.


Q:  What are the best things about Sioux Falls for attracting new talent?

Jennifer: Our area has an incredible diversity of employment opportunities, which can help draw individuals with an equally diverse range of skills. Our post-secondary educational institutions in Sioux Falls and around the region are an attraction in and of themselves for thousands of young adults. And with the array of employment opportunities available many look to start and grow their careers here. In addition, these institutions offer training and programs that allow career advancement opportunities.  And our quality of life and recreational options make this a place where people want to live.


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