New accolades show drawing power of Sioux Falls economy

As Sioux Falls works hard to build our talent pool and draw young, motivated new employees for regional companies, national rankings help establish that our community really is one of the best in nation for planning a bright future.



Market Watch recently chose the five best states to pursue the American Dream, and South Dakota is one of the top five. In fact, our region is the best in the country, with Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota joining us in the top five rankings. South Dakota also has the most business-friendly legal climate, according to Cook County Record.



Young professionals who turn their attention toward building a career in our region should check out Sioux Falls, according to SmartAsset. The city is one of the best in the nation for this desirable demographic. We’re also one of the best cities for global trade, says Global Trade magazine in their sixth annual compilation.



If you’re looking to buy a house, Sioux Falls is the 11th best place in the nation, according to, and we have the 20th lowest cost of living—a great combination. In addition, Sioux Falls is home to’s highest rated South Dakota high schools - - Lincoln and O’Gorman.  If you are nearing retirement, named our community among the best places to retire; offering what is important to seniors in terms of excellent health care, high levels of social engagement, low crime rates, great parks and other outdoor amenities along with a relatively low cost of living.



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