Chairman's Report: Reflecting on another year of progress at our annual meeting

In addition to more than doubling the number of groundbreakings hosted by the Development Foundation this year, our local economy has logged another year of great progress. We’ll be reflecting on that progress and reporting to you at our annual meeting November 16—and I hope to see you there.



The Development Foundation annual meeting has become a tradition for our region, a time of socializing and networking, but also a yardstick for our economy’s gains during the past year. As this issue of Directions reminds us, the Development Foundation groundbreakings not only give us a glimpse of the variety of companies undergoing expansion, but also remind us of the significant capital investment made annually in the Sioux Falls area—and what that means for our economy in 2018.



It will be my privilege at the annual meeting to confer this year’s Spirit of Sioux Falls Award. As the highest accolade for leadership in economic growth in the Sioux Falls area, the Spirit award recognizes those volunteers who have served our organization and our community in unique and powerful ways. From our first winner, Al Shock in 1994 through last year’s presentation to Tom Walsh, the Spirit of Sioux Falls Award winners have been an excellent illustration of the dedication of individuals to the growth of this community.



Please join us Thursday, November 16 at 4:30 pm at the Holiday Inn City Centre in downtown Sioux Falls. We’ll be sharing the highlights of the past year, celebrating the successes we’ve seen and looking forward to another great year in 2018. Mark your calendar for November 16!



by Steve Statz


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