Manufacturing companies have solid reasons to locate here

Editor’s Note: Omega Liner recently began production of UV-cured reinforced plastic pipe liner in Canton in the former Amesbury-Fastek facility. Omega is one of two U.S. companies manufacturing this product from start to finish—and the only other plant in the world like the Canton operation is in China.



We could not be happier about our new location in Canton, South Dakota. We are one of the many manufacturing companies that chose a location in this area for very solid reasons.



First, South Dakota proves that it welcomes manufacturers by working hard to make locating here easier. Modern permitting and paperwork is an important part of the process, and the state and local economic development professionals worked tirelessly to help us get up and running faster. In South Dakota, there are people who understand the importance of assisting a manufacturing plant to get production started. That means a lot to newcomers and growing companies.



We were fortunate to find an available plant that could be refitted for our operation. Here in the Sioux Falls area, there are a wide variety of sites and buildings that a new or expanding company can check out. Again, helpful people were on hand to show us possible sites and help us navigate the real estate market in an efficient and very successful way.



Our products will ship to job sites and contractors all over the nation, with a major target service area between Chicago and Denver. Our southeastern South Dakota location, close to two interstates, a regional airport and rail connections, means that we can ship materials in and product out in a timely fashion. For a company just beginning production, that quick turn-around is a vital component of our success.



Another deciding factor was South Dakota’s superior business climate. With fewer taxes and a regulatory structure that supports, rather than impedes, manufacturers, this region gives innovative companies like ours, as well as entrepreneurs, a definite advantage in succeeding in today’s marketplace.



Strong business climate, great economic development help, a super site and an excellent transportation network were key factors for us. These and many other positive considerations will keep manufacturing companies choosing this region to grow their businesses.



By Ken Moulds, Managing Director, Omega Liner Company, Canton







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