Manufacturers are the strong foundation of our regional economy

Established manufacturing firms, with their reputations for longevity and consistency, are the foundation for community growth in our area. Among the century-old Sioux Falls companies are Girton Adams, a fourth-generation, family-owned company founded in 1909, the same year John Morrell & Company began operations here, and Gage Brothers Concrete Products, which began building Sioux Falls in 1915.



Just two years later, Terrace Park Dairy began local deliveries, beginning a century of service as Lakeside Dairy, Land O’Lakes and now Dean Foods. Sioux Steel and Bell, Inc. opened in 1918, and are growing companies today, 99 years later. The list goes on, as manufacturers who staked their futures on a growing community made Sioux Falls the center of an expanding national market for their products. Throughout the 20th century, Sioux Falls manufacturing companies built their reputations—and made the economy of the Sioux Falls area stronger through their growth.



During the recession of 2008-09, the manufacturing sector provided vital economic strength to our region. Because of their national—and often international—customer base, manufacturers are able to maintain their business without the fluctuations that sometimes affect other sectors that play a strategically important part in our state’s economy. The stability of the manufacturing industry in South Dakota keeps us on an even keel through good times and bad.



Manufacturing is truly a regional economic force. Large companies like Koyker and Wilson Trailer in Lennox; Adams Thermal in Canton; Curt Manufacturing (formerly Luverne Truck Equipment), Marmen Energy, Midwest Railcar, Pace and Spartan, all in Brandon; Showplace Wood Products in Harrisburg, and Rosenbauer America in Lyons employ residents from the region, ship products nationally and make the Sioux Falls metro a growing area that attracts other companies.



Regardless of size, manufacturers are pillars of our economy through consistent expansions, leaders in innovation through their acceptance of changing technology and wellsprings of opportunity through their employment growth, they drive our development. We salute our regional manufacturers and thank them for the foundation they provide to our economy.






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