Manufacturing is BIG business in our region

October 2-6 is Manufacturing Week in South Dakota, an opportunity to celebrate an important sector of our local and state economy.  Nearly one-third of all manufacturing jobs in South Dakota are located in the Sioux Falls metro thanks to the 270 strong manufacturing companies that call our area home.



Those positions are significant because they are primary jobs, enabling families to buy houses and support the retail economy of our region. The 13,350 manufacturing employees of the Sioux Falls area receive $669.2 million in payroll annually, which enables growth in a wide array of businesses, fueling the creation of new jobs and construction activity of all kinds.



The availability of jobs in the manufacturing sector, their suppliers and the retail businesses they support, adds to the steady population growth we have seen in southeastern South Dakota during the past decade. Opportunity attracts families, and those families require housing and services. Our economy—and our school districts—grow as a result.



Manufacturing represents 8.7% of the jobs in our region.  The stability of those jobs, and the stability of the manufacturing sector in general, provide the Sioux Falls area with a buffer against the fluctuations of the national economy. During the recession of 2008-09, our region did not experience the dramatic job losses or housing foreclosures that much of the nation did—thanks in part to strong and stable manufacturing industries that continued to supply customers throughout the country.  In addition, our recovery from that recession started sooner and came back faster, again thanks to our stable local economy.



Manufacturing in the Sioux Falls region is big business, adding opportunity and strength to our economy. Manufacturing Week is a great time to say thank you to those manufacturers and their employees for all they do for our area!  Join us in acknowledging their contributions on social media @developsf, #SiouxFallsMfg, #SiouxFallsSalute2Mfg.


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