Upcoming Workshop: International Documentation Training

October 18th

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CDT  

Forum on site in Sioux Falls, or via live-stream webinar


Program Overview:

How many times have you just filled out a document not knowing what all the required fields meant and copied it from a prior document simply because that has always been how things are done? Have you ever been told that your shipment is "stuck" in customs because of lack of information or a document that is missing or not filled out correctly? How many times has your company been charged for unnecessary "documentation" fees or held up on a shipment because the documents had to be corrected?


If you just want to make sure you are filling things out correctly or you have questions, problems or delays due to documentation problems this training program is a must for you!


This program will help you understand when and how you should be filling out certain international documents listed below. We will go through each document, step by step, and you will know where to go and what to look for in your own documents to be able to fill them out accurately and know when they are required.


Many companies are exposing themselves unnecessarily to shipment delays, customs audits, and demurrage charges because there is incomplete or inaccurate documentation for the shipment. Why not learn what documents you should be filling out and how to do so accurately so you can keep your customers, distributors and company ahead of schedule?


Topics Include:

  • Understand how to correctly fill out:
    • Commercial invoices
    • Packing Lists
    • Bills of Lading
  • EEI's, Certificates of Origin, Dock receipts
  • Shippers Export Declaration (SED)
  • Understanding every field and how you are required to fill one of correctly. (Even though we must submit them electronically (EEI), companies still use the SED to give to their forwarder)
  • How to Minimize delays in Customs by having all the information the first time
  • Why you should be using a DCS Statement on all your invoices both domestic and international
  • Understanding which countries still require a wood certificate
  • What does Legalization of documents mean and for which countries is this required
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection's - Who requires them and how should they be done?
  • NAFTA Certificates of Origin's - Common errors, when you should/ shouldn't fill one out


Have questions or concerns about the webinar format or the technical requirements to attend via webinar? Please contact:


Rock Nelson

International Marketing Director of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce 

Director of South Dakota's International Trade Center

S.B.A. Certified in Export and Trade Counseling

Certified Global Business Professional


#1 West Weather Lane, Suite #400

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57104

Telephone/Fax: (605).338.3424

Cell Phone: (605).941.6696






On-site before October 6th:  $250 (tax included)

On-site after October 6th:  $295 (tax included)

Webinar by October 6th:  $195 (tax included) 

Webinar after October 6th:  $250 (tax included)



No webinar registrations will be accepted after October 11th, 1 pm EST

Registration includes all reference material, morning pastries/coffee, and lunch. Seating is limited. Registration form, payment, and RSVP required to guarantee seat.


Click here to register for onsite event

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Must RSVP via fax to 803.684.8014 Attn: Mike Allocca. Checks must be received no later than Oct 17.


This is a full day program. You are welcome to come for only part of it or leave early, however the price remains the same.




Presenter's Profile


Mike Allocca became interested in Logistics while a senior at Suny Albany. He interned at a local freight forwarding company after obtaining his bachelors in business administration, he then became a full-time employee handling international ocean exports and imports. He quickly worked his way up over 10 years from internal operations to vice-president of sales for the New York based company. He was part of the select few of the Presidents Team, (Accruing well over one-million dollars in gross sales in 12 consecutive months) for 6 years in a row. 


Mike went through the accelerated executive MBA Program through the University at Albany. He has sat on the board of directors of the global business network for 2 years. He has traveled abroad many times throughout Europe & Asia and continues to travel/train abroad. He works on a daily basis with exporters and importers all over the United States, helping them with domestic and international compliance and logistics issues. 


In 2006 Mike started his own consulting company under Allocca Enterprises Inc. and has been working with companies across the United States ever since. 


Mike is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) through NASBITE. He won the trade partner of the year award in 2008 in Albany, NY. He has been appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to the District Export Council (DEC) in Columbia, SC.


He also served four (4) years on the National District Export Council as Treasurer and Chair of the Outreach & Education Committee where he was one (1) of only sixteen (16) people across the country voted onto the National DEC. He won the 2008 Trade Partner of the Year from the Tech Valley Global Business Network. He won the 2015 Presidential "E" Award winner for Export Services. He also won the 2016 NASBITE International Advancing International Trade Award for the State of South Carolina.


He continues to keep updated on export/import regulations by regularly attending and/or hosting programs, seminars and events with the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Customs & Border Protection , U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Department of State, NAFTA - office of Intra-American Affairs and the TSA.


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