Let's keep the conversation going

Listening to the voices of county residents was one of the most important elements of the year-long strategic planning process recently completed by the Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations. In four Community Café public conversations, held throughout the two counties, we gathered dozens of citizens, board members and city officials who care about the future and collected vital information that shaped our long-range plans.



That input was phase one of an ongoing conversation that we want to continue with you and your neighbors. For years, LCEDA and MCEDA have worked for strong communication links including your weekly newspaper, email, social media and our County Perspectives newsletter. That flow of information will continue to keep you up-to-date with progress in our region, but we encourage you to keep talking about your goals for the future of your community. We’re planning community forums and informational meetings that will maintain the two-way communication that energized our Community Cafés and brought new voices to economic development planning. You’ll be hearing more about these opportunities to share your thoughts in the coming months.



We hope you’ll also keep talking to your neighbors, your elected officials and to MCEDA and LCEDA. Community members are the driving force for business growth, infrastructure development support and great referrals about potential new company locations and expansions. Our region grows because our communities grow, and our communities grow because the people who live in them care about being our partners in prosperity.



Our thanks to all of you who participated in the Community Café listening sessions and shared your experience with others in your hometown. We also thank those who could not attend, but communicated their ideas to local officials who brought them to our attention. The conversations begun at those meetings are still rippling through our area, capturing the ear of new neighbors and adding more voices to the dialogue. We’re grateful for that—and look forward to keeping the conversation going!



By Nick Fosheim, Executive Director

Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations








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