Wall Street Journal latest in national media exposure

The national marketing campaign conducted by the Development Foundation through funding from Forward Sioux Falls has placed stories about our community in national publications trusted by corporate leaders. The most recent story appeared this March in the Wall Street Journal, under the headline “As Many Midwest Cities Slump, Sioux Falls Soars.”



The WSJ story talks with economists, entrepreneurs and young tech workers to determine what’s driving Sioux Falls while other regional cities lose headway. The answers are superior amenities, which attract young families and singles; an employment market that offers great jobs, and steady financial services and health care growth. The message is a strong one for potential employees as well as expanding businesses.



“Our national media campaign has placed the Sioux Falls story in The Atlantic, the NY Times and Bloomberg News, just to name a few,” said Development Foundation president Slater Barr. “Assisted by New York consultants, we’re literally making headlines in the business world.”



During the past six years, the national marketing campaign has racked up 109 media placements, with over a dozen face-to-face major media journalist visits and over 75 face-to-face site selection consultant connections. Market impressions are a key measure of the campaign’s effectiveness, and the Sioux Falls message has reached 1.6 billion people, with an advertising equivalency of $6.7 million.



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