Economic development and agribusiness: a great partnership

With a full understanding of agriculture’s role as South Dakota’s No. 1 industry, state and regional economic development professionals have identified value-added agriculture as one of their highest priorities in recruiting new businesses to our state. In addition, the expansion and retention of agribusinesses—especially the viability of family-owned agribusinesses—is a vital element in the future economic success of South Dakota.



The farms, ranches and processors of our region are direct drivers of our economy, selling products that bring dollars to our state. Those dollars are circulated throughout the general economy in purchases at grocery stores, implement dealerships, clothing stores and estaurants, and so many others. From farmers’ markets to railcars full of grain, our agriculture industry is producing and building our state.



Like leaders in any industry, today’s farmers and ranchers are on the cutting edge of technology, employing best practices and smart economy to maximize their productivity, profitability and environmental responsibility. That kind of 21st-century thinking keeps agriculture as our leading industry and encourages the economic diversification that drives value-added agriculture as a growth sector in South Dakota. . .



This article by Nick Fosheim, Executive Director, Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations, appeared in the March 2017 issue of emerge, a South Dakota Corn publication.  To read the entire story visit, page 22.

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