Legislative platform sets business priorities

The Issues Management Council of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce conducts research about issues affecting business that may come before the 2017 Legislature. That research, combined with actively following and monitoring legislative activity since the close of last session, shape a platform for the upcoming session. This year’s priorities for the Sioux Falls business community especially important to economic development efforts include:



Economic Development: SB 235 of the 2013 Legislative Session established the Building South Dakota Fund and during the 2014 Session, one-time funds were used to forward fund the new program. The platform supports this program and other economic development efforts in our state. Tax increment financing (TIF) has been an effective economic development tool and the business community supports current law regarding the application of TIFs and opposes changes that would negatively impact this program’s effectiveness.



Transportation Infrastructure: A safe, efficient and responsive transportation infrastructure is critical to economic development and commerce in Sioux Falls and throughout South Dakota. The business platform encouraged the 2015 Legislature to address the funding needs of our state and local highway and bridge systems leading to the enactment of a comprehensive funding program for these systems. The full impact of the new funding approved in 2015 including local flexibilities should be carefully reviewed before new funding is considered.



Education And Workforce Development: South Dakota’s system of public education from K-12 to technical institutes and universities represents a top priority. The future of Sioux Falls and South Dakota depends on educating our citizens and developing our workforce to remain competitive on a regional, national and international scale. It is vital to foster an educational system that works in tandem with the business community and government to address and support workforce development initiatives. To support our state’s citizens and to meet our workforce development needs, the business platform supports the allocation of public monies to ensure funds for an equitable, effective and efficient system of PreK-12, technical schools and higher education.



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