Sioux Falls businessman's take on economy quoted in NY Times

Scott Lawrence may have voted for Donald Trump, but according to a story in the New York Times, he doesn’t agree with the new president that the US economy is a “disaster,” as Trump claimed on the campaign trail.



The past chairman of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation pointed out that companies that resisted the urge to expand last year are now charging ahead. Lawrence said he added five employees at Lawrence & Schiller, his Sioux Falls advertising agency, last year and plans to add more in the next quarter.



Lawrence’s confidence in the resurging economy is shared by the Development Foundation, which has fielded an uptick in requests for information from companies checking out the possibilities of relocating or expanding to Sioux Falls.



According to the Times article, the national white-collar professional and business services sector, which includes advertising firms like Lawrence’s, has added more than a million jobs in the last two years. Education and health care employment is up by a similar amount, and construction is also trending upward.

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