Chairman's Report: Building a team to make 2017 a great year

It is exciting for me to greet you in the new year as the chairman of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation board of directors. Already, 2017 is shaping up to be a dramatic year of growth for our community.



I am especially pleased to be working with a volunteer board of directors that includes some of the strongest corporate leaders in Sioux Falls. Thanks to the leadership of past chairman Dale Froehlich, more members of our board are actively engaged in charting the course of future growth than ever before. The collaboration that we have established with local government, regional economic development groups, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and, most recently, with local commercial developers puts us in position to move fast and effectively to capitalize on opportunity in the coming year.



The Development Foundation is committed to providing land for new and expanding companies. That priority led to the creation of Foundation Park, in addition to the land we have available in our Sioux Empire Development Parks. With four major projects as potential announcements for 2017, we expect to be utilizing some of that land to grow Sioux Falls. Our partnership with local commercial developers and the dedicated efforts of SFDF vice president Dean Dziedzic promise to make this a great year for land sales. Slater Barr, in his eighth year as president of SFDF, is doing a great job of leading the development of the 820 acre megasite at Foundation Park.



Another major priority, one shared by the entire region, is workforce development. We have added Lon Clemensen to our team in the role of vice president for workforce development and have created a Community Portal that came online February 15. Our organization realizes that workforce development is a journey, easily a five to ten year process that will require dedication, commitment and the best minds in Sioux Falls working together to achieve results.



We are also looking forward to involving a younger generation in the conversation about economic development and the future of Sioux Falls. The Chamber’s Young Professionals Network is a core group that can be a bridge to engaging young business people in helping to grow our community. Their energy, enthusiasm and excitement are vital elements in our strategy for the future.



With four new board members and a renewed sense of purpose, the Development Foundation is looking forward to a great 2017!



By Steve Statz, Chairman 


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