Happy retirement to longtime SFDF partner Evan Nolte

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation congratulates Evan Nolte on his retirement. As one of the co-founders of Forward Sioux Falls, Nolte has been an essential colleague to economic development leaders in our community since the day he began his career leading the Sioux Falls business community. We wish Evan the very best in his retirement and thank him for his partnership, friendship and devotion to Sioux Falls.



We also welcome Jason M. Ball as the new president and CEO of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Ball comes to Sioux Falls from Kansas where he has served as the President/CEO of the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce in Hutchinson since 2012. Ball will be continuing the close partnership between our organization and the Chamber that extends back to the creation of the Development Foundation in the 1950s.     


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Workforce Training: The Sioux Falls Advantage

There is better training for our workforce in Sioux Falls. A multitude of options are available to meet businesses' needs at the postsecondary level including city programs, state grants, technical training, and a new $50 million scholarship program for technical school students.

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