Community Portal tells Sioux Falls story in a new digital way

A new workforce development resource went live February 15 with the launch of the Sioux Falls Community Portal, an exciting new way to tell the Sioux Falls story to potential new residents and employees. The Community Portal brings together the impressions of over two dozen Sioux Falls community members to personalize the advantages of Sioux Falls and provide testimonials about aspects of life in our community.



“The short essays by people from every walk of life throughout the Sioux Falls area are arranged in four categories: live, work, play and grow,” said Lon Clemensen, Development Foundation vice president for workforce development. “Together, they really tell the story of life in Sioux Falls in the voices of the men and women who live here. It’s a really dramatic way to show people who don’t yet live here just how great we all think Sioux Falls is.”



Clemensen said that some of the essays in each section have been augmented by blogs written by the contributors, modernizing and updating the information. The Community Portal has been set up to be fully functional on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets.



“We’re targeting a very tech-savvy and modern demographic with this portal,” Clemensen said. “We need to keep the content up-to-date, accessible and whenever possible, supplement the narrative with video clips to capture the attention of our viewers. Phase two of this rollout will include even more blogs and video testimonials to accent the Sioux Falls advantage.”



While some sections of the portal’s content deal with finding a career in Sioux Falls, this is not a jobs website. Links are provided to sites where jobs are listed, but the Community Portal is essentially an introduction to Sioux Falls and powerful attraction tool. Later phases of the portal will include employer profiles to deepen the understanding of the opportunities available here as well as constantly changing information on the community.



The best way to find out more about the Community Portal is to visit it yourself. Go to and get a new perspective on your community. Then recommend the new Community Portal to a friend or colleague. Pass the word!

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