Gifts that make the season bright

The holiday season is a perfect time to look back over the past year and appreciate the many gifts we enjoy in the Sioux Falls area. These gifts make us unique among American communities—and make it possible for Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities to look to the new year with confidence, pride and the knowledge that our growth will continue.


First, we have the gift of population growth. It’s easy to overlook this vital part of our economy, but the steady influx of people and families is what builds new homes and provides interested companies with a growing talent pool. Without those steady population increases—both in good times and slow times—we would not have a stable economy or consistent inquiries from expanding businesses.


A second gift is the availability of land and buildings. Thanks to far-sighted leadership, Sioux Falls has provided an inventory of land to grow into, giving us an edge over other national sites. When interested companies are shopping for a new location, whether they are expanding within Sioux Falls, from the Twin Cities or somewhere in California, they want to get up and running quickly and know they’ll have space to grow. Foundation Park and other available land gives us that advantage.


Another gift that benefits our economic growth is community participation. The success of the Forward Sioux Falls campaign, completed this year, proves that the Sioux Falls area is filled with individuals and companies who want to invest in the future. In addition, the board members of the Development Foundation, Forward Sioux Falls, the Chamber, and every other civic group contribute their time and talent to make things happen. People are the heart of any community and here in Sioux Falls, we have a lot of heart.


One more gift is the power of partnership. Our collaboration with Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties provides for regional success. The State of South Dakota, through the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and the City of Sioux Falls share our goals for a stronger economy and an enhanced quality of life.


These gifts, bundled together, give us the best present we could wish for—a brighter future for everyone in the Sioux Falls area. We hope you receive the gifts that will ensure a healthy, prosperous 2017 for you, your family and your colleagues.


By Slater Barr, President, Sioux Falls Development Foundation




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