Chairman's Report: Working for prosperity throughout our region

This has been an exciting year, filled with highs and lows. Here at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, we understand that economic development is cyclical and the phases of development are predictable. We are a Community At Work, and I can report to you we have accomplished a lot and learned a lot in 2016.



Our primary mission is to create quality economic growth in the region. Historically we have done this by selectively recruiting quality employers, assisting business to remain in our region, helping area business to expand and grow, fostering new business development and by developing a talented work force, deserving of good wages.



The Development Foundation today is much larger, more complex and more challenging than any previous time. Foundation Park is three to four times larger than any of the Sioux Empire Development Parks. Our Metro area is now at 250,000 residents and growing rapidly. The job of economic development is more sophisticated than ever with a much higher grade of prospects, professional national/regional site selectors and very talented local and regional commercial brokers.



Today your Development Foundation is in good financial condition. We have reduced expenses and are below budget in overall operations. We have and are continuing to re-vamp our internal financial reporting structure and budgeting process. Looking forward to 2030, we have developed a detailed financial plan for all phases of development in Foundation Park.



Our new vice president for workforce development, Lon Clemensen, is working with Forward Sioux Falls Leadership and a Tech Advisory Committee. His two-pronged strategy is calculated to attract talent and to showcase the Sioux Falls community through a digital portal. This digital doorway to Sioux Falls will be available to any person interested in learning more about our community, its amenities, quality of life, employment opportunities and all the marvelous attributes that make this region a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family and to have a long and prosperous life.



We remain committed to growing primary manufacturing and industrial companies in addition to every other business sector. We are equally committed to attracting and retaining the workforce talent necessary for these employers and employees to prosper and flourish. We are and remain a Community At Work!



By Dale Froehlich

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