President's Message: New website streamlines data flow for site selectors

With the ultra-competitive nature of modern economic development and the prominence of the Internet as a data source for corporate leaders and professional site selectors, maintaining an excellent website is a key component in attracting—and retaining—businesses in any community.


With those facts in mind, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation has launched a new website at The new website has more graphic impact than the former site, makes testimonials and the key statistical facts about the Sioux Falls business advantage more accessible and has the capacity to be kept up-to-the-minute to add to its strength as a source of information.


Even more important than its colorful infographics, its use of photos and its easy navigation, the new website has been designed with business leaders and site selectors in mind. Those decision makers know what information they need to compare communities as potential sites for expanding companies. They want to weigh the relevant factors gleaned from an easy-to-use website and know who to talk to with follow up questions. We’ve arranged the new website to get as much information as possible into the hands of the people who make deals happen.


Gearing the website for maximum attraction potential does not lessen its value for local businesses seeking details that can help them grow, or families wanting to know more about our region before relocating for the great careers available here. The website makes the decisive factors about the Sioux Falls area available to everyone, and clearly shows why our community is a great place to grow a business and raise a family.


You can see for yourself how helpful can be by dropping in for a visit. You may learn things about Sioux Falls you didn’t know—or join in helping our region to grow by sharing the web address with friends, relatives or business associates in other states. We think you’ll enjoy and invite your comments on the site.


By Slater Barr

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