Home ownership, white-collar jobs, music, less stress: Sioux Falls has it all

Even more revealing than the sheer number of Top Ten rankings Sioux Falls earns is the variety of accolades the community gets from national publications.


New Geography reviewed The Best Cities for Jobs in 2016 and Sioux Falls made the list. Among medium-sized cities, Sioux Falls ranked 11th with an index value of 79.6. The study looked at job creation factors, including momentum, starting from 2004. New Geography also just released a study looking at the U.S. Cities Creating the Most White-Collar Jobs for 2016 and Sioux Falls is 1st among medium-sized cities. This study looked at growth in the professional and business services sector dating back to 2005.


South Dakota is clearly the best state to call home. The state was ranked 2nd best for homeowners in 2016 by SmartAsset, while the Tax Foundation called South Dakota 4th best in nation for the Real Value of $100 in Each State.


MoneyRates published results from a study conducted in search of the Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs. Four criteria were used to determine which areas of the country do the best job of encouraging the investment of the time, money and energy it takes to start a business. Sioux Falls ranked 7th, with special emphasis on the second lightest business tax burden in the country. 


WalletHub looked at 150 cities to gauge the most and least stressed in America. Sioux Falls was 9th on the least stressed cities list, based on average work hours, debt load, divorce and suicide rates. WalletHub also praised our low family-related stress, safety-related stress and money-related stress. Maybe it’s because we know how to relax—Value Penguin rated Sioux Falls 28th overall in a survey of best cities in the U.S. for music fans, but number one at drawing a crowd.



WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the largest cities according to how well they are managed by their leaders. In order to make such a comparison, each city’s performance was judged on six key indicators, including financial stability, education, health, safety, and economy as well as infrastructure and pollution. In the 2016 list of Best-Run Cities in America, Sioux Falls ranked 9th.

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