When a groundbreaking really IS breaking new ground

The groundbreaking ceremony held for Foundation Park on April 19 is among the hundreds of similar celebrations of progress sponsored by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation over the past 60 years—and yet a truly unique occasion.


The creation of Foundation Park—the state’s first megasite—is the latest in a historical line of industrial parks offered by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Beginning in the early 1970s with the 200 acre Sioux Empire Development Park I, the Development Foundation has expanded to nine parks, with 140 companies and 13,000 employees encompassing 1,351 acres. But the size of Foundation Park, at 820 acres, and the partnership with the State of South Dakota and the City of Sioux Falls that made Foundation Park possible, makes this project a game-changer for our region.


World-class companies require global connectivity. When we have streets constructed and the high capacity utility and communication infrastructure in place, along with the transportation options this site offers, we can appeal to some of the largest projects in the country. The sites in Foundation Park are large and appealing, and already a handful of companies are negotiating to build there.


Our Foundation Park groundbreaking marks the beginning of making this land, acquired from forward-looking families in the area, into a business location that attracts the attention of corporate decision-makers and site selectors around the world. Sioux Falls has long enjoyed top ten status as a location for businesses and families, and the fiscal advantages of doing business in South Dakota are becoming common knowledge in boardrooms across our nation. Foundation Park gives us another strategy for success, another solid reason to be on the short list of projects that could transform our state’s economy. And it all starts now, with the groundbreaking for Foundation Park.


We’ve hosted a lot of groundbreaking ceremonies, and all have been vital steps in the growth of the Sioux Falls area. This one is especially memorable, as we break new ground for the future.

By Slater Barr, President, Sioux Falls Development Foundation 


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