Sioux Falls ranks high in business and lifestyle ratings

Each year RelocateAmerica researches, identifies and shares the best places to live in America. The process is based on site nominations and issues most important to relocating consumers and homeowners for the upcoming year. Factors such as employment, education, community leadership and overall quality of life are strongly considered and all the data is examined to determine the Top 100. Sioux Falls made the list of the top 100. For more information visit:

On Forbes’ 13th annual list of the Best Places for Business and Careers, Sioux Falls ranked 2nd among the best small places. Metrics relating to job growth, costs, income growth, educational attainment, projected economic growth, quality of life issues, college rankings and net migration patterns were included. For more information visit:

An analysis by The Street examined the American dream of owning a home and looked at those communities where that dream is still possible. Sioux Falls is one the Top Ten cities, in the study. Parameters for measurement included statistics on friendliness toward the business community and the economic stability of their business bases. According to The Street “Sioux Falls also has a great system of parks…a slew of universities, and cultural events…including a sculpture walk, poetry and literary festivals and the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Fest, all of which give Sioux Falls just a little more spark.” For more information, go to

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Workforce Training: The Sioux Falls Advantage

There is better training for our workforce in Sioux Falls. A multitude of options are available to meet businesses' needs at the postsecondary level including city programs, state grants, technical training, and a new $50 million scholarship program for technical school students.

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