Partnership with education is vital to workforce development

Economic development succeeds in Sioux Falls because of effective partnerships. Our organization works closely with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the regional business community and city and county governments to create partnerships for progress that have sustained economic growth for our area.



An equally vital partner in building a better future for this region is the education community. Representatives of K-12 and higher education sit at the economic development table, literally, by serving as members of the Development Foundation and Chamber boards of directors. Other education leaders participate in task forces, fact-finding groups and committees that shape our economic future. These well-educated and dedicated professionals understand the importance of growing our talent pool, enhancing diversity and expanding opportunity throughout our five-county metropolitan statistical area.



Education is a factor in attracting new companies, too. Most business executives ask us two key questions that revolve around our educational system. The first is about workforce development and the learning programs in place to create effective, efficient, motivated workers. Second, executives want to know about the educational systems in our area, as a quality of life issue that affects new families. Because education has long been a priority in the Sioux Falls area, we are able to point with pride to institutions that place job preparation at the head of the list of goals, both on the K-12 and post-secondary levels.



Our educational partners in economic development are working closely with local companies, as our institutions of learning keep their curricula relevant to the marketplace. Innovative education keeps business fresh, and encourages students with new ideas to create their own companies. As we look to the future and the new businesses that will thrive here, education is a key component in maintaining our momentum as a great place to do business and raise a family.



By Bob Mundt, President and CEO


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