Sioux Falls ranks high for education, retirement and beauty

Who wouldn’t want to live in the most educated city in South Dakota, judged the most beautiful city in the state that’s one of the best places to retire? Sioux Falls delivers again in national rankings, proving that national audiences are realizing what Sioux Falls residents have always known.



Insurify analyzed data from insurance applicants nationwide to determine the educational levels for cities in each of the 50 states. One community was chosen as Best Educated in each state, a community “whose residents have demonstrated a commitment to education.” In South Dakota, Sioux Falls is that community.



Meanwhile, Architectural Digest, for generations the standard-setting publication in the area of structural design and style, chose “the prettiest town in every US state.” In South Dakota, it’s Sioux Falls, an “artsy town rich in nature, including Falls Park, with a waterfall that cuts right through a residential area.”



MagnifyMoney says South Dakota is the second happiest state in the nation, and rated South Dakota number one for retirees. For business success and a great lifestyle, this is the place to be!


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