Chairman's Report: An exciting time for our organization

With companies exploring their futures in Foundation Park and throughout our region, new president and CEO Bob Mundt has had to hit the ground running. He’s been out in the community, making connections with businesses and organizations and discovering for himself what a dynamic community Sioux Falls really is. He’s impressed us already with his energy, his determination to get to know Sioux Falls and its people and his expertise in helping communities grow.



Speaking of growth, our board typically doesn’t meet in July but had an informational meeting on a bus, touring the Sioux Empire Development Parks and other areas of growth throughout the community. We included a few City Council members, local brokers and members of the lending consortium. It was a great opportunity to see the parcels in real scale. Even though we, as a board, discuss the projects that drive our economy forward, seeing the construction activity and the diversity of business happening every day in Sioux Falls is impressive. It is also inspiring, helping our board see in concrete terms how important the role of the Development Foundation is in the future of our region.



Our organization is wrapping up membership renewals this month. If you have received your membership renewal invoice in the mail, we hope you will return it to us today. Your membership in the Development Foundation helps drive our community forward and puts you on the team for economic growth for the entire region. Join us as we continue the momentum of prosperity!



I also encourage you to register for the WIN in Workforce Summit, Thursday, August 23, at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. You’ll find more details about the Summit in this issue of Directions. We’re working to create new strategies and share great ideas for meeting the workforce challenge in our region. We hope you’ll join the conversation August 23. Go to Facebook to register!



by Bob Thimjon


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