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As a tri-state center at a major interstate crossroads, Sioux Falls draws from a labor market area that includes 12 counties in three states. Despite our low unemployment numbers, the economic strength and job growth in our region has drawn waves of skilled professionals to our region, adding 2,400 new residents per year and accounting for more than 90 percent of the population growth in the entire state. These demographic trends were a large reason why Next Generation Consulting named Sioux Falls a Top 10 "Hotspot for Young, Talented Workers."

Workforce Development
The local high school graduation rate is consistently among the highest in the U.S. and over 10,000 adults are currently attending one of a dozen nearby colleges, universities or technical institutes in the city of Sioux Falls. Business partnerships at every level of training and education are encouraged and common, with customized training programs designed to meet specific company requirements. South Dakota's Workforce Development grants can provide substantial assistance to train new workers or upgrade the skills of existing workers.

Technical Schools
More than 2,500 students are enrolled in more than 50 programs at Southeast Technical Institute (STI), where higher education training options continue to reflect the current and future employment needs in our region. The Training Solutions Institute at STI is dedicated to making area employees as efficient and prepared as possible, from advanced computer skills to communication skills to hard skills like heavy equipment operation. STI draws about 20 percent of its students from surrounding states, with more than 80 percent of alumni remaining in the region and 90 percent working in their fields of study within six months of graduation.

Employer Partnerships
There is a culture of partnering with education at all levels in Sioux Falls. Hundreds of companies and thousands of students are engaged annually.  ShadowED high school student shadowing, Interns in Industry college-level internships, and Career & Technical Education Academy sponsorships and mentorships are among the creative programs that provide support, direction and skills to strengthen tomorrow's workforce.

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Civilian Labor Force, Employment & Unemployment
- Sioux Falls MSA

Year Labor Force Employment Unemployment % Unemployed
1990 74,228 72,125 2,103 2.8%
2000 91,773 90,342 1,431 1.6%
2010 128,827 122,807 6,020 4.7%
2012 131,103 125,774 5,329 4.0%
Source: South Dakota Labor Bulletin

Non-Ag Wage & Salary Employment
- Sioux Falls MSA

Year Manufacturing Non-Manufacturing Total
1990 8,433 64,734 73,167
2000 13,925 99,892 113,817
2010 12,108 121,192 133,300
2012 12,500 125,800 138,300
Source: South Dakota Department of Labor

Employment by Group Occupation - Sioux Falls MSA

Occupations Employment Annual Mean Wage
All Occupations 137,320 $38,770
Management 4,070 $101,880
Business and Financial 7,130 $58,280
Computer and Mathematical 3,380 $58,970
Architecture and Engineering 1,250 $59,380
Life, Physical, and Social Science 730 $61,100
Community and Social Service 1,870 $37,640
Legal 680 $68,010
Education, Training and Library 5,220 $37,780
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media 2,340 $35,400
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical 11,930 $65,390
Healthcare Support 3,420 $26,880
Protective Service 1,820 $39,240
Food Preparation and Serving 12,270 $19,790
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance 4,830 $23,210
Personal Care and Service 4,390 $22,500
Sales and Related 16,040 $38,850
Office and Administrative Support 25,440 $29,110
Farming, Fishing and Forestry 180 $28,610
Construction and Extraction 5,800 $35,880
Installation, Maintenance and Repair 4,990 $42,040
Production 9,360 $30,640
Transportation and Material Moving 10,170 $30,260
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Non-Ag Wage & Salary Employment by Industry - Sioux Falls MSA

Industry 2012
Natural Resources/Mining/Construction 6,300
Manufacturing 12,500
Wholesale Trade 7,100
Retail Trade 17,700
Transportation/Warehousing/Utilities 5,000
Information 2,800
Financial Activities 14,700
Professional/Business Services 12,700
Education/Healthcare Services 28,600
Leisure/Hospitality 13,000
Other Services 4,800
Government 12,900
Total Non-Ag Employment 138,300
Source: South Dakota Labor Bulletin

Availability of Labor

Availability of Labor MapWith an infusion of approximately 2,400 people each year, Sioux Falls has been and remains a center of employment opportunity for the surrounding region. While it is difficult to determine the exact number of people available to staff new and expanding facilities as they are not identified by labor market assessments that rely solely on statistical unemployment figures, businesses have found a significant number of available workers in the area. Potential employees may also be found in the pool of people who are not actively seeking employment, but would be willing to work if the opportunity presented itself.

Major Area Employers 2013

Company Industry Employees
Sanford Health Health Care 8,420
Avera Health Health Care 6,343
John Morrell & Co. Meat Processing 3,300
Sioux Falls School District 49-5 Education 3,000
Wells Fargo Financial/Credit Card/Student Loans 2,858
HyVee Food Stores Retail Grocery 2,723
Citi Credit Card Processing 2,700
Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society Health Care 1,559
City of Sioux Falls Government 1,133
WalMart/Sam's Club Retail/Wholesale 1,106
Sioux Falls VA Medical Center Government Medical Facilities 1,049
Raven Industries Manufacturing 943
First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard Financial/Credit Card Processing 935
Midcontinent Communications/Midco Connections Telecommunications/Cable Services 868
Esurance Insurance Service Center 828
CIGNA Mail Order Pharmacy 675
USGS EROS Data Center/SGT Satellite Info Processing 591
South Dakota Achieve Services for the Disabled 580
Billion Automotive Auto Dealership 559
Lewis Drug, Inc Retail Pharmacy 550
Sammons Financial Group/Midland National National Life Insurance 550
United States Postal Service Mail/Package Delivery 524
Augustana College Educational 520
StarMark Cabinetry Manufacturing 518
Minnehaha County Government 516
Volunteers of Americas, Dakotas Social Services Agency 514
Source: Sioux Falls Development Foundation

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