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  • Dean Dziedzic, Interim President

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    In his role as Vice President, Dean Dziedzic is often the face or voice of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation to executives of prospective new businesses looking at our community. Working with international and U.S. corporate executives in high-potential targeted industries, Dziedzic works for extended periods of time developing relationships with company decision-makers and providing them with the resources they need to expand or relocate to Sioux Falls. With a background in finance, sales and software management, Dziedzic is uniquely suited to develop and maintain a constantly growing list of prospects seeking information and business success in Sioux Falls. A graduate of Westmar University in Le Mars, Iowa with a Business Management and Marketing degree, Dziedzic also represents the Development Foundation at trade shows and business networking opportunities throughout the U.S.

  • Karen Ruhland, Director of Research & Communication Services

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    Karen joined the Foundation in 1989 as a Research/Prospect Service Specialist and is currently the Director of Research and Communication Services. Her career in economic development started with an internship at the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce while completing her degree at Briar Cliff University.

    With a knack for editing and attention to detail, Karen serves as a valuable resource for the Foundation. And with a love of demographics and stats, that resource extends beyond the Foundation and Forward Sioux Falls, to partner organizations, members, and local businesses.

    Karen is responsible for research activities and coordinates the organization´s digital newsletters as well as the Cost of Living Index for the Sioux Falls area. She designs the Foundation´s most notable publications - the Community Profile and business directories; tracks and provides information for the website and annual report; and surveys area businesses to maintain the Foundation´s extensive databases.

    Iowa natives and alums of Catholic education, Karen and her husband Kyle, are active volunteers in the Catholic School System in Sioux Falls and their local parish. They have served on various committees including capital campaigns for both organizations. For nine years, she chaired the Yearbook Committee at her sons´ school and served on the high school Parent Advisory Board.

  • Jill Wadkins, Director of Finance & Accounting

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  • Jennifer Tuttle, Manager of Workforce Development

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    Jennifer is responsible for working with business and industry to help develop the current workforce and work with area HR professionals and recruiters to promote Sioux Falls at trade shows, job fairs, and workforce development seminars.

    Prior to joining the SFDF, she was a Leadership and Management Coordinator who provided leadership and organizational development services at Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton, OK, to business and industry clients. She also worked with customers to organize and deliver training programs and provided consultation to key stakeholders regarding organizational effectiveness.

    She also was a Human Resources Specialist Intern at the Fargo VA Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota. Her area of responsibility included conducting new employee and benefits orientations, initiating background investigations, making and drafting job offers and correspondence, applying veteran preference and status to applicants, and interpreting hiring laws such as Title 5, Title 38, and Hybrid positions.

    She also served four years in the United States Army where she worked as a Personnel Services Manager/Installation, Senior Personnel Advisor/Brigade, Senior Personnel Advisor/Battalion, and Executive Officer.

    A talented professional, some of her accomplishments include managing a $2.5 million inventory of parts, equipment, and supplies, implementing a performance tracking system which increased efficiency of a 25 member staff, and training 1,000 leaders on evaluation and skill determination strategies and policies. She also was rated in the top 10% of all Senior Personnel Advisors during 2007/2008.

    She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Recreation from South Dakota State University and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Webster University.

  • Mary Archer, Administrative Assistant

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    Most people will recognize Mary as the pleasant voice they hear when calling the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Mary, a Sioux Falls native and life-long resident, started with the Development Foundation in June of 1995. Prior to her position with the Foundation as the Administrative Assistant, Mary worked in the Customer Service/Bookkeeping Department of Western Bank for over 14 years.

  • Megan Jansick, Digital Marketing Associate

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    In her role as Digital Marketing Associate, Megan Jansick is the voice of the Development Foundations' social media outlets. Whether it’s posting a news accolade or updating on what is happening within the Development Foundation, Jansick is here to keep you in the know. Graphic design, photography, video production and any other creative all fall into Jansick's wheelhouse of work as well.

    Jansick studied graphic design and psychology at the University of South Dakota and previously worked with local publications as a graphic designer where she would not only design for the publications but would monitor and maintain social media campaigns.


  • Nick Fosheim, Executive Director MCEDA LCEDA

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    Nick Fosheim joined the staff at the Development Foundation in December of 2012 as executive director for the Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Associations.

    Nick brings a regional perspective to economic development in the Sioux Falls area, representing the communities of Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties. He serves as an advocate for these communities and assists in facilitating the growth opportunities that exist in the region. A native of Webster, South Dakota, Nick understands the role economic development plays in small communities and believes in the value of teamwork. Nick also works closely with the volunteers in each community who are engaged in economic development and connects with the staff at the Sioux Falls Development Foundation on prospective, as well as, retention and expansion projects in the area.

    Fosheim studied advertising at South Dakota State University and previously served as the executive director for the Webster Area Development Corporation.

  • International Trade

  • Rock Nelson, South Dakota International Marketing Director

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    #1 West Weather Lane #400, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

    Rock is a 4th generation Sioux Falls native and graduate of Augustana. After having worked for his family´s food service business for a number of years he created Northern Plains Recycling, Inc. in 1990. During this time he developed relationships with and shipped 6 - 7 semi loads per day and 1 railroad boxcar per day to 26 U.S. paper recycling mills. Some of his firm´s product was exported to Japan, Mexico, Korea, China, Taiwan and Canada. Since selling his firm in the late 1990´s, Rock has been employed by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and South Dakota´s Small Business Development Center during the past 15 1/2 years.

    He is responsible for helping local, regional and businesses statewide to develop their growth internationally by aiding them with their importing and exporting needs. He also helps them to clear their imported products through the U.S. Customs & Border Protection´s Port #3502 in Sioux Falls. His services consist of soliciting and negotiating competitive air and ocean freight and customs brokerage rates, finding lost freight and documents, assisting with insurance claims, sourcing overseas made products, researching duty rates, proper documentation, compliance, etc.

  • Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

  • Rich Naser, Jr., President, Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

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    2329 North Career Avenue #1, Sioux Falls, SD 57107

    Rich Naser, Jr. serves as president of the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship (SDTBC) and the USD Discovery District as part of his role directing the Forward Sioux Falls Entrepreneurship and Innovation initiatives. These initiatives focus on developing the human capital, early-stage funding and research infrastructure necessary to support high-growth businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators.

    Rich´s career in economic development spans more than 20 years. He began with the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce in 1994. Since that time, he has continued to work as a passionate advocate for Sioux Falls, South Dakota and entrepreneurs. His drive for innovation-led economic development has spear-headed important initiatives such as the creation of the SDTBC, GEAR Center, USD Discovery District, cGMP laboratory space and workforce study–all aimed at creating both an entrepreneurial environment and the most significant possible impact for stakeholders.

    With a spirit of collaboration, Rich has successfully brought together civic, government and private business to support entrepreneurial initiatives. He serves on several boards and committees to continue to foster these relationships.

    Rich was recognized for his commitment, dedication and achievement in entrepreneurship with the 2015 The Spirit of Enterprise–an award given annually by the Enterprise Institute to an individual directly responsible for helping shape the entrepreneurial culture of the state of South Dakota.

Environment/Climate: The Sioux Falls Advantage

Not only is our business climate better, so is our weather. Sioux Falls has a pleasant climate with four distinct seasons; perfect for outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy lots of sunshine for biking, camping, hunting, or just enjoying one of the 80+ parks the region has to offer. On top of the great weather, Sioux Falls also has one of the lowest natural disaster risks in the US; and we are rated an ISO 1 of only 130 communities in the nation...which means lower fire insurance rates for your bottom line.

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